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Molas Pass Milky Way

After spending the night in the back of my rental Jeep at 10,910 ft on top of Molas Pass along Hwy 550, I had set my alarm to wake up and catch the Milky Way rise up into the early morning Southwestern Sky. My alarm went off as expected and I jumped out of my sleeping bag to start shooting. I only had an hour of usable darkness, since during this time of year the Milky Way doesnt appear into the sky until around 4am and the light from sunrise starts to overpower the stars around 5. I spent the next hour driving along a ghostly Hwy 550, stopping every few miles or so to capture this beautiful sight. Its pretty awesome being in the mountains alone at night! Not being able to see your hand 5 inches in front of your face with only the sounds of howling winds, flowing rivers, and the occasional rustling in the distance...

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