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Pink Sunset over San Isabel National Park...

I may have had a little help from up stairs on this one. I had a chance to stop for gas before heading over one of the many mountain passes in Colorado but with half a tank and only 60 miles to the next town, I decided to hold off. I was scouting for a prime sunset location as I crested the pass, when I saw a side road that intrigued me. I tired accessing the road but the plan was immediately foiled by a thick layer of snow that still had not yet melted. I had to back out and upon doing so the gas gauge magically jumped from 1/4 of a tank to empty and the gas light popped on. I thought I may have punctured the fuel line. After a quick inspection and not finding any leaks I was fearful that the gas gauge was broken and that I was almost empty. I hurried down the pass trying to keep as much momentum as possible and conserve every bit of fuel that I had left. I reached the gas station and quickly filled up. The sun was setting fast and I had to find a workable composition. I decided to ask the gas station attendant if she had any recommended spots that I could get to quickly that were "off the beaten path." She said, I know just the spot, but you better hurry and promptly gave me directions. After a series of turns through what seemed like a maze, I found the dirt road she directed me to and raced up it hoping that I would make it in time. It was 7 miles to the top and I raced up the winding switchback road drifting through the turns and reaching speeds in excess of 80mph in some spots. I barely made it but was rewarded with this absolutely amazing fire pink sunset!!! Without the gas gauge error, I would have never stopped at the gas station, and never would have discovered this amazing spot!!!! And again, It was soo worth it!!! :)

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