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Queen Elizabeth Lioness...

We came across this girl after sunset on a short game drive through Queen Elizabeth. After an amazing boat ride on the Kasinga Channel that was filled with with wildlife, we were heading back to the lodge and decided to take a quick trip through the park in hopes to see a lion. On the way we suffered a flat tire in the middle of the grassy plains and since we had to jack up the land rover, everyone had to get out of the vehicle. While our driver and I changed the tire as quickly as possible, the others in our group kept a look out for any wildlife that might pose a threat. I dont think I have ever changed a tire so fast in my life to be honest. After our short delay, we headed deeper into the park and came across Kobbs, Waterbucks, African Water Buffalos and many other common animals, but no Lions. Each time we saw another safari group we would ask them if they had any luck sighting lions, and their replies were a consistent no. We decided to check one spot that we had seen a big male the previous day before heading back to the park entrance, and again we had no luck. By this time, most of the other vehicles had proceeded back towards the entrance and we were some of the last people in the park so we started heading back a bit disappointed to say the least. It was then when I saw this beautiful creature off the left hand side of our vehicle. She came directly towards us walking calmly next to one of the side roads and then stopped here on this rock not more than 20 yards from us. She sat there for a few minutes, posing for us and surveying the landscape around her until a man on a moped with no muffler came cruising through and she quickly disappeared into the thick grass.

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