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The Banana Man...

Matoke bananas are a staple in the typical diet of most Ugandans and that became clear to us as soon as we landed in Entebbe. These green bananas are everywhere in Uganda. In 2008, The Pan African Banana Conference rated Uganda as perhaps the world's biggest banana producer after India and since these bananas are in such high demand, there are many people that make a living growing, selling, and distributing these bananas all over the country. Its a dietary staple and in Uganda alone, there are more than 200 processed banana products, yet limited investment in facilities and transportation has left them largely unavailable beyond local markets. That means farmers in Uganda depend almost entirely on sales of fresh, perishable fruit for income and people like this to distribute their products and the business is largely suffering. Its really a shame because even though farmers want to modernize and expand, Insufficient credit, inadequate transportation, unfair taxes, and inconsistent prices are believed to significantly hinder what could be a highly profitable regional banana trade between Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and the DR Congo.

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