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African Taxi...

During our travels through Uganda, we encountered numerous vehicles packed with people traveling throughout the country. It simply amazes me how they pack all these people in these vehicles for such long journeys. Its not like they are traveling around the block. The Ishasha to Katunguru road which we traveled on during our journey from Queen Elizabeth to Bwindi took us roughly 4 hours from one end to the other and we encountered several vehicles packed up full of people just like this one. This road travels directly through Ishasha National park, which is a sub-sector of Queen Elizabeth National park. Ishasha is a vast low-lying savannah plain lying south of the equator in the Albertine Rift Valley and is known for its tree climbing Lions. This road was bumpy, really bumpy. The locals there joke around about some of these roads pretty openly, calling it the "free african massage." The main reason for this is because its virtually impossible for Uganda Road Authority to maintain during the rainy season because it often lies under a sea of water and mud. While the road is continually being maintained by the URA, it only takes a little rain and a couple of trucks getting stuck to really tear up a huge holes in the gravel road surface.

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