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This guy was one of my favorite chimps at Ngamba Island in East Africa. Hes super strong and his grey beard just looks awesome. I also really liked the fact that he had a really calm and cool personality from my observations. Born in 1989, Tumbo is a large male with a light brown coat and a very pale freckly face. When Tumbo arrived on Ngamba Isand, he was very thin with a large bloated stomach, from which he took his name 'Tumbo' meaning stomach in Swahili. He is gentle and a playful chimpanzee who is very interested in food. Here he enjoys a pineapple for lunch, which is one of his favorite treats. Tumbo is the second ranking male, but tends to lose this position to Eddie when Mika, the alpha male, is around. He doesn't often display and he rarely threatens his subordinates. He is highly respected by others. Ngamba island is one of the most amazing places I have ever been to. Located 23 km offshore Lake Victoria in Entebbe, this 100 acre island rainforest paradise provides a safe haven for 48 orphaned chimpanzees that are now free to roam their island thanks to the project leaders at Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC).

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