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Damaged Warthog...

We came across this guy as we were heading out of Lake Mburo National Park in Uganda. He was bleeding pretty badly from what looks like a battle wound from the tusk of another male Warthog. Warthogs are wild members of the pig family that live in grassland, savanna, and woodland in Sub-Saharan Africa. Their name comes from the four large, wart-like growths found on the head of the warthog. These growths serve as a fat reserve and are used for defense when males fight. Although capable of fighting, males only aggressively fight each other during mating season. The warthog's primary defense is to flee by means of fast sprinting but they can and do inflict mortal wounds on predators, including formidable Lions, Leopards, Crocodiles and Cheetah's. Their sharp tusks can penetrate even the thickest hides and battles sometimes end with their adversaries bleeding to death.

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