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White Breasted Cormorant...

The White-breasted Cormorant were all over the shores of Lake Edward in Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda, Africa. These Cormorants are much like the widespread Great Cormorant and can be considered a regional variant of the same species. The White-Breasted Cormorant is distinguished from other forms of the great cormorant by its white breast and by the fact that subpopulations are freshwater birds. They are also the only form of Great Cormorant found in sub-Saharan Africa and have a wide distribution along rivers and lakes from the west to east coast of central Africa. All Cormorants are fish-eaters, dining on small eels, fish, and even water snakes. They dive from the surface, though many species make a characteristic half-jump as they dive, presumably to give themselves a more streamlined entry into the water. Under water they propel themselves with their feet. Some cormorant species are known to dive to depths of as much as 120 feet below the surface.

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