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Little Egret...

Little Egrets were all over Ngamba Island, a tiny remote island in the middle of Lake Victoria, South Africa. It was pretty awesome having about 50 of these beautiful birds sitting in a tree roughly 75 yards from our tented hut. Here one of them is just about to land on said tree. These birds fly soo fast, the are quite the challenge to photograph. Little egrets inhabit the margins of coastal and inland water habitats, preferring open areas with shallow fresh water. They are usually solitary except when roosting in trees or flying to roost. The liveliest hunters among the herons, they feed chiefly by walking through water and snapping at prey, or by running and agitating the water with their feet to disturb prey. They are colonial nesters, building near water, in trees and bushes or sometimes on rocks or cliffs. Colonies range from a few hundred nests up to a couple of thousand. usually in association with other herons.

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