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Stormy Skies Over Masaka...

On our last day in Uganda, we were heading back to Entebbe from Lake Mburo National Park, when these gnarly storm clouds rolled in from the east. A few minutes after I took this shot, the skies opened up and started puking rainfall. It only lasted a few minutes though, and was followed by a beautiful afternoon of sunny skies filled with high cumulus clouds. This farmhouse stands just outside the town of Masaka, which is located roughly 90 miles or so to the southwest of Kampala, on the highway to Mbarara. Located just a short distance from the equator, it was Uganda's second-biggest town for a very long time. Today this status has changed, as the city has been largely destroyed twice in the past 3 decades by both the Uganda-Tanzania War of 1979 and again in the civil war from 1981-1986 that removed Obote from power for the last time.

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