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Stormy North Ave Sunset...

I captured this moment in the middle of October 2012 on my way home from the LTD studio. It was a chilly and slightly overcast day with cumulonimbus clouds passing quickly overhead. I heard that there was lightning in the forecast, so I headed out to the point to try and catch either a nice sunset or some lightning in the sky. I waited patiently for about an hour or so while the sun set behind the clouds. I was about to call it quits when these really energetic clouds came over the horizon. It was the perfect moment and the clouds seemed to just absorb all of the orange glow from the sunset behind them. I could see the the rain coming in the distance, but I couldnt resist staying out there to shoot. I kept thinking to myself, "I have time, the rain wont be here for a few minutes, I can make it, just one last panoramic to make sure I get the perfect light." I knew I had pushed it a bit to long as I started to hear the rain moving in swiftly. Just as I put my camera in my bag, I felt it. The storm came in so hard the wind nearly knocked me over. I tried to run, but it was no use, I was drenched from head to toe. I moved as quickly as I could, hoping that my camera bag would keep enough water out so that my gear would survive. When I got back to my truck, I was totally soaked, freezing cold, and after making sure my gear was ok, was totally stoked that I got this shot.

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