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Jamie Link stands out as a highly skilled and reliable professional in the field of drone photography, with an FAA certification that attests to his expertise as an aerial commercial photographer. He leverages his mastery of the craft to capture breathtaking imagery and cinematic video from unique and difficult-to-access angles.

With years of experience, Jamie has honed his compositional eye and attention to detail, setting himself apart from competitors. He anticipates and captures the perfect shot with ease, resulting in stunning visuals that evoke a sense of awe and wonder.

Moreover, Jamie's exceptional piloting skills are a testament to his technical acumen. Having completed rigorous training and passed all necessary exams, Jamie holds an FAA certification that mandates adherence to all relevant regulations and safety guidelines. He operates his drone with confidence, expertise, and responsibility, ensuring a smooth and seamless process from start to finish.

It is evident that Jamie's passion for drone photography drives his creativity and innovation. Continuously seeking out new and exciting ways to use his drone, Jamie delivers incredible footage that exceeds his clients' expectations, whether for a small local project or a large international campaign. His unwavering commitment to producing top-quality results, regardless of the project's scale, underscores his unparalleled work ethic.

In addition to his technical skills and artistic talent, Jamie is also an organized and professional individual. He manages his time effectively, meets deadlines, and communicates clearly with clients to ensure their needs are met. This speaks volumes to his ability to seamlessly collaborate with others and ensure a smooth project from conception to delivery.

Overall, Jamie Link is a standout candidate for any project involving drone photography. His passion, skill, and professionalism make him an exceptional asset for organizations in need of aerial commercial photography or cinematic video. From Chicago Aerial Photography to Chicago Drone Photography, Jamie's expertise knows no bounds, and he is poised to deliver unparalleled results to his clients time and time again.

Benefits of Drone photography and video

Unlimited Versatility

Due to the drone’s compact size in nature, they are able to provide unique and interesting  angles that are not possible with the use of a manned aircraft. Drones are so powerful that they can fly anywhere from a few centimeters off the ground up to a few hundred feet in the air and everywhere in between.


Technological innovations mean drones are able to shoot in full HD and capture amazing 4k cinematic aerial footage  and large format photography.  Using aerial  photography and video is an attention-grabbing first impression for your company. Its an excellent opportunity to cut through the noise and stand out above your competition.

Cost Efficiency

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles save money by cutting out expenses for manpower and fuel. Because drones can provide an accurate view of a hard-to-reach areas, it is a great tool  to capture the content you need  without deploying high cost manned  aircraft. 

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