With ultra-high resolution camera equipment on our professional drones, Jamie can capture your property or business from a unique perspective with detailed photography and videos that pop off the screen. Jamie is an FAA certified drone pilot and holds a nighttime operations waiver so he can provide you with stunning high-resolution images suitable for both print and digital media during the day and at night. Let us know what you need captured and we will work with you to meet your goals in a timely and efficient manner while delivering you with sharp beautiful imagery that is sure to stand out to your clients!

     Drones have become one of the best tools for modern photography and can really bring those details from high above and capture unique views with ease.


Jamie can work with you for all of your Chicago Drone Photography project needs. From Aerial Commercial Photography to Cinematic video, Jamie has you covered! Jamie bring's the very best skills, technology and creativity to every project in order to capture your unique story from the sky.

We'd love to help you schedule your first flight with Jamie Link Photography so contact us today for a free estimate on your project.

Benefits of Drone photography and video

Unlimited Versatility

Due to the drone’s compact size in nature, they are able to provide unique and interesting  angles that are not possible with the use of a manned aircraft. Drones are so powerful that they can fly anywhere from a few centimeters off the ground up to a few hundred feet in the air and everywhere in between.


Technological innovations mean drones are able to shoot in full HD and capture amazing 4k cinematic aerial footage  and large format photography.  Using aerial  photography and video is an attention-grabbing first impression for your company. Its an excellent opportunity to cut through the noise and stand out above your competition.

Cost Efficiency

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles save money by cutting out expenses for manpower and fuel. Because drones can provide an accurate view of a hard-to-reach areas, it is a great tool  to capture the content you need  without deploying high cost manned  aircraft. 

  • FAA Certified with a nighttime operations waiver

  • 5 million in Commercial Liability Coverage

  • 4k ultra hd Cinematic video capture

  • Large format High quality still photography