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The Station... (Epic Fight Scene)

My buddy Stanislav Tabirta and I have been talking about filming a fight scene for over a year now. He lives in LA and I'm in Chicago so we just havent been in the same place at the same time. Stan called me on Friday and told me he was coming to Chicago this week and long story short, we put together a crew and filmed this sequence Yesterday. Given such short notice, we had zero plan going into the shoot. We just knew we had a crew and the ability to make it happen. A quick hour meeting at Starbucks followed by 3 hours of shooting in the cold and we ended up with this scene.

I wanna thank everyone for makie this happen! Blaine Thomas Childers was a trooper taking bump after bump til we got the shot, Brian Barber and Stan had some great ideas to link all these beats together, and Holly Houlf and Chris we integral part of our support team!Thanks everyone for all your help making this happen! You all rock!!

CastFight Choreography and Actors

Hero - Stanislav Tabirta Mugger 1 - Blaine Thomas Childers Mugger 2 - Bryan Brian Barber

Director of Photography - Jamie Link (Myself)

B Camera operator - Chris Lafferty Prop Styling - Holly Houlf

Jamie Link is a commercial photographer based in Chicago Illinois.Jamie specializes in producing vivid imagery for global brands all over the world. He is a Certified Part 107 FAA Drone pilot with a night time flight operations waiver and offers his clients photo and video content both on land and in the air.

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